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Evil on Earth?

Is there evil on Earth ?

Yes, I think there is evil .

I have found that the evil that bothers me more is the type that is hidden. The kind of evil that tries to deceive people from the shadows and not get exposed.

I'm going to give a few examples that are seemingly unrelated, but actually are completely related :

- Rage crimes; sometimes we find seemingly even tempered people go into a fit of rage and do something they wouldn't otherwise have. They commit a horrible act in a seemingly temporary act of poor judgement.

This also includes acts of road rage.

- Barbaric mob crimes which seem hard to explain in today's modern age, such as mob lynchings or vandalism. Seemingly normal people become barbarians when acting in a mob.

- Some people consume intoxicants and after a certain level behave strangely and deliberately pick up brawls in public or with strangers.

- Thousands of women experience getting a beating when their husband comes home drunk out of his mind. But he always regrets it the next day.

What comes over regular people when they partake such actions?

If you speak to perpetrators of rage crimes, they almost always regret their actions later, saying they don't know what happened to them. Why ?

There is a common theory that explains this behaviour by saying there is a hidden monster in each human being. It is only a theory, and I wonder if it's really true ?

What if it's the opposite? What if regular people don't have a monster in them, they are just trying to lead a peaceful happy life. They don't intend to harm anyone, they are just trying to get through their day.

Could it be there is a hidden evil force that gets into the driver seat and drives these people to perform such actions ?

I was interested and drawn to this idea. So I did some research. I found a lot of information about this on a website called Explaining evil

This website talks about how there are dark forces that have made a home on this planet for a long time and how they use people's energies to continue staying here. It's fascinating and a bit scary but makes sense to me.

During my research I also found another website that talks quite openly about entities or discarnates ( I used to call them ghosts when I was a kid).

( I have added a link to an article as the website primarily talks about classes and I don't want to sound like I want you to sign up for any of these classes. I have not taken any, I only gathered information from the sidelines).

Entities are beings who used to be people but now have no body (they died sometime ago). They can be considered non material beings who are not necessarily harmful. Their problem is that they are stuck in this realm ( Earth) and don't realise they are no more in a body and they don't know how to get out of here. And because they don't have a body they don't have access to food, meaning energy ( they cannot eat food anymore, but need energy). So they tend to latch on to humans who have their own source of light and they inevitably feed on human energy.

Having such entities around us, in our energy field, homes and offices can lead us to feeling sad, grumpy or angry for no major reason( because they are milking our energy for themselves). Some people develop mental illnesses and hear voices .

I feel that entities in someone's surroundings could become a pre-cursor to them latching onto intoxicants like alcohol and drugs.

Which in turn, over a few years could lead to the serious evil actions that I spoke about in the beginning. People in such a situation ( prone to sadness or rage) then become easy puppets for the hidden evil to start feeding on their energies, and even controlling them often for a long long time.

Who gets punished for those crimes ? The humans of course. The evil force is cleverly hidden. This can be so difficult to figure out, let alone prove.

I found these findings very alarming at first. But soon realised that I was just getting to see a problem which I didn't know was a problem earlier.

Now that the problem has been discovered, a solution could not be far behind.

Just like when bacteria was first discovered, it created a lot of panic. However a cure was soon found and I know there is a solution to this evil problem too .




Unknown member
2 days ago

I see it exactly in the same way, that it is positive to become aware of what is going on and that this will "create the solution" as people who know about this will most certainly not agree or go along with this. Although the solution will hopefully be a better solution than what was provided by science in the case of bacteria. Meaning that in the case of science, the responsibility is clearly given to pharmaceutical companies, thus it is kind of magical thinking, that some company will come up with a resolution. So this solution is provided by dividing responsibility, taking it away from us by projecting that we are still absolutely powerless before this "bacterias" and that we need…


Unknown member
Feb 25

Thanks for sharing 💖, I believe that such entities exist and they need as you said energy from others to feed and sustain themselves, but because of the law of free will, no one can ever override the free will of another without their permission. So without a certain lower self created by the person's own choice at some point which then allows these entities entry into one's own energy field, they are powerless and have no entry.

Unknown member
Mar 01
Replying to

Thanks Salma, correctly pointed. I will write a follow up talking about this...


Unknown member
Feb 24

Thanks so much for sharing, Anu, this is a great topic to bring to air.

I have personally experienced these entities latching on, or trying to latch on to my energy field, back in the days when I used alcohol and marijuana. I remember having the ability to be like a medium, and allow a passed person to communicate with someone in embodiment. To do this, I had to have drunk alcohol. After a few experiences, I found that I really did not like the feeling of these entities, they got right inside my forcefield and left me feeling drained. So, I MADE A CHOICE to refuse their entry. I had a choice! Not withstanding, there were plenty of other…

Unknown member
Mar 01
Replying to

Dear Neptune, thank you for sharing this experience. There are so many spiritual seekers who go through a similar experience without realising how they are letting their light be used by the dark forces. Glad you have transcended that, and its probably helped you discern between higher and lower vibrations.

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