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Nailing Yourself to the Cross of 4 lower bodies

As I have gone now more forward to expose what I am hiding within myself I have come to shatter the illusion that as you go higher or when you are willing to transcend something that things become easier.

Actually this is the illusion of the spiritual ego.

Entering duality changes perception

This is what will happen. Because of law of free will we have a right to any experience but when we make a choice to enter duality, which will happen when we are not willing to listen to spiritual guidance from our spiritual teachers who can help us see our experimental mistakes. Entering duality happens by the very choice to experiment with knowledge of good and evil, where we make a choice to ignore spiritual assistance and we thus make our choice dualistic, thinking that we know better than our teacher. The serpents illusion is that "You surely will not die" with the choice to define your own experience with matter realm but reality is that your in order for us to have certain experience we need to create a self into which we project ourselves, so when we want to experience something that is selfish and not raise the all this is what we do, we create first choice at the identity level, then based on paramaters of that choice, we create thought matrix, then we need to create accumulate emotional self and magnetize desire, and then comes the point of no return, a physical manifestation.

After the action has taken place at the physical there is nothing you can undo the experience.

This is where we nail ourselves to cross, the 4 octave of matter. And we will be nailed on it as long we don't let the ghost die, the first self, tha we chose to create by using God's energies for that experience.

Taking your self by force from the Cross

Denial of your responsibility to let self die, this is what most of the people will do for they will not listen to the Christ within. Of course connection to Christ can never be lost but deeper we go in duality the more Christ will keep itself away so it would not become to force us to see something so we can use our free will to transcend ourselves.

Because many still immerse themselves in duality, thinking that there will not be immediate response from matter they justify their ignorance and they can create self defined illusion that what they did is something that is against God.

This is them taking themselves " off " the cross by force and while they bleed from the forceful action they can keep creating ignorance that it is not something that is hurting them, they continue.

For example you can make a crime and never be caught physically but because after this lifetime your memories are stored in higher bodies, you will manifest later the experience that you sent by your choices in the next life, for of course if you don't let the old self die and be reborn in Christ, you can not enter the Kingdom of God. And because you were sent many times over back into embodiment, you have eventually accumulated anger and hatred toward God and Mother Realm , the 4 octaves of unascended universe.

The Serpent will never admit the Victory of Christ

The serpent represent the knowledge of good and evil that upholds duality where it claims that "Christ is not here". It upholds opportunity for you to create illusion where you can distance yourself from God and ascended teachers and where you can become like God. In this environment work different laws and these are the secondary laws that are created for this purpose, to have certain experience in duality. The law of Karma will state that you will experience what you have created, but the Law of Cycle gives you opportunity to have the experience to not be self -destructed by your selfish choices, and because of that you can have many experiences in separation from defining your ultimate good where you are more special than others or you or those others are most evil or unworthy being/s. This is what all have a right to experience according to the Law of Free Will. But then after time has come up and the virtual reality is set to reflect back your choices and experience them as you sent them with the minds of the 4 lover bodies. Now there is a Law of Growth and Transcendence, that states that in order for you to have free will choice you have to understand the consequences of your choices. What is the best part here is that because matter has 4 octaves, identity, mental, emotional and physical and this means that when you make a choice it will circulate through these octaves, reach spiritual realm and be multiplied by the spiritual realm and will be sent back to you according to your state of consciousness where the defining factor is your willingness or unwillingness to grow. When the energy starts returning it will descent back to the level where your conscious mind is focused on to, where it is attracted, thus The Law of Attraction is unconditional and will sent you the conditions EXACTLY as you ordered them. Because this will take time in the unascended universe to circulate through the physical it might be that have listened to the advice from Christ and those who follow Christ's direction, meaning that you have re-evaluated your choices and come to conclusions were your choices in alignment with Christ and God's plan to raise the all Life. If you were willing to learn from your choices and if you have transmuted your karma by new choices that are higher and lean more toward raising the All then there is Spiritual Karmic Board made of ascended masters who can set aside energetically portion of your returning Karma and it depends where your growth and attention is, in physical, emotional, mental or identity, then for example if it is in mental then you don't need to experience physical return but your karma will descent into mental, and if you wouldn't grown, it would have manifested as physical return, but because you were willing to grow, it only incapacitates you mentally.

The Karma is not a punishment

Karmic return is always based on your state of consciousness so we could have opportunity to grow and learn from our experimental choices in duality. This gives us a new kind of awareness of our choices when if we are willing we can become masters of our self, where we gain the understanding of how the universe works and how we can avoid certain activities and thus the best outcome would be if we would become living examples to others and give more unaware and immature lifestreams an opportunity to Life, where we share our learned experiences with others and help raise the All. So no matter how far we have descended we can with our willingness to learn with Christ, can turn anything into the Gold, into the Victory.

Here is where the serpent plays its part and gives all the time the illusion that if you have made a certain choices that are sinful, you can not ever overcome those sins.

In fact you can, because of the nature of the Law of Free Will. Free Will that is given to us by God states that we can create any experience we want by creating a self into which we project ourselves. After we have had enough and if we have sufficient awareness received we can make free will choice to transcend ourselves but the trick is that we need to let the former self to die and all accumulation in it. We can let it die by transforming the energies and illusions that kept us in this sense of identity and when enough service work is given we can make a free will choice to ascend from Earth but we will ascended only at the level ofawareness we have been willing to gain, for we can not project ourselves somewhere what we are not aware of.

This is where our ascended teachers will help us and this is why there are different levels of ascension. When we ascend from matter universe we ascend at the bottom of Christ consciousness. The serpent sees it as a threat and thus if we are not willing to let the Ghost die we will accumulate a desire to perfect ourselves and somehow think that our perfected self can enter the Kingdom of God without surrendering its clothes, the 4 lower bodies in Matter. This what I described how some tries to take themselves by force from the cross.

For example I have gained intuition and awareness to share this with you but no matter how advanced this might sound to you ( or not) I must let this self to die, for this is yet something in form. My only hope is that we use the images of Christ to transcend ourselves into the Living Spirit of Christ and let the images and descriptions go, to let them die and we desire to be More. We can fulfill our Thirst only by flowing with the Spirit. Thus, flow!

I don't need anything from you for I Am More.



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